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Our Fed, White and Blue Shabbat Menu

Published On 11 August, 2013 | KOL Foods, Kosher

This is the week.  The Kansas City Kosher BBQ Festival is less than a week away and our press release has been distributed, T-shirts ordered, banner tweeted and everything feels like it is coming together.  Our team sponsor, KOL Foods, have been amazingly supportive!  Emails have flown back and forth day and night for the last few weeks, and if you have been waiting to place your first KOL Foods order, now is the time.

Between now and August 28, you can enjoy a 10% discount on anything you order when you use coupon code KCBBQ.  Click here to place your order of hormone free, organic, grass free meat.  All orders placed by 8/28 will be delivered before Rosh Hashanah.

To kick off the weekend of awesomeness, it’s an honor to be spending Friday cooking with my buddy and team mate Chris, of The Epicurean Pig, and author, chef and Iron Chef American Judge (among many other prestigious accomplishments), Simon Majumdar.

Simon is travelling America, experiencing food with foodies, as he writes his upcoming book, Fed, White and Blue.  We are keeping the menu for our Fed, White and Blue Shabbat fun with a dash of tradition to represent the Sephardic Jewish heritage that runs in the family.

After much thought, we kept our meal much like any other Friday night and all of the meat and poultry for our dinner has been supplied by KOL Foods.  Referring to a term that Simon coined when we spoke late last week, it’s a menu of traditional food that is responsive to culinary trends.



We love to open our meals with tapas-style appetizers.  Plenty of dips and treats that accompany the tradition of breaking bread at the start of the meal.  We chose some classics here like my wife’s stuffed grape leaves, and some newer dishes like the garlic-stuffed figs I made for the first time just a couple of weeks ago.

Main Course

I thought about that traditional roasted chicken.  I really did, but why not go with an organic, hormone-free, grass fed, top of rib roast, instead?  Another dish that got cut from our menu was beef tongue — I’ve never worked with tongue before, and as much as I wanted to do it this week, I decided against it. 


My wife is queen of the dairy-free, refined-sugar-free, gluten-free dessert and after out quick trip to Crate and Barrel this morning to buy dessert plates, we decided on a couple of options for dessert.  I trust my wife to bake and I know this course will be the perfect way to end our meal. 

Wine and Cocktails

Hagafen Cellars rank on my top list for kosher wines, and I’m pretty confident is saying that Hagafen is my favorite domestic kosher winery.  For a little while, I was a member of their wine-club and when I started to think about our Friday Night menu, I reached out to them to see what they’d recommend for this dinner.  The selection they kindly sent me looks like this!

Hagafen Wines for Friday Night with Simon Majumadar

 The Prix comes from their line of reserve wines and their Savignon Blanc is well known for being best-in-class, but perhaps the bottle that excites me the most is the Don Ernesto’s Napa Valley Crescendo Red Table Wine.  I think this may be the best bottle of Kosher wine that $20 can buy.  The wine spies have a great review of this bottle. 

To compliment our dinner, gin is going to be the drink of choice for the night.  We’re not sure where we’ll go in terms of cocktails yet but Simon, Chris and I have shared some thoughts.  I suspect this is the part of the menu likely to change the most given Simon’s recent visit to a cocktail festival in New Orleans.  Here’s where we’ve landed so far: 

Cilantrofuse Martini

This is a cilatro infused gin drink is made with cilantro, muddled raspberries, celery bitters, Tangeray Gin, fresh squeezed lime juice, a splash soda water and simple syrup.

Bluberry Martini

Another flavorful martini drink with focus on the citrus and berries.  This cocktail is made with Grey Goose Citron, muddled blueberries, blueberry juice, mint, simple syrup and lemon juice


Information! Which of these recipes do you want me to share first?  Leave a comment below and schedule the recipes and posts for you.


This recipe was developed exclusively for KOL Foods by This American Bite. See all my KOL Foods recipes.

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