Recipe Roundup: Meatless Meals (July 2012)

Published On 27 July, 2012 | Food for thought, Kosher, Monthly Roundup

I'm not sure where the month went, but with the 100+ degree weather we've been suffering through the thought of soup around the fire place is much more appealing than outdoor grilling.  At home, our eating has adapted to the heat with cooler, light meals like my personal pita pizzashot nutty cabbage salad and last night's awesome felafel salad.   I enjoy the summer flavors foodie bloggers have been experimenting with and am pleased to share some of the posts the grabbed my attention this month – coincidentally, all of which are meatless meals.

My great-grandmother always like to start her meals with a sweet – often dessert – and lead in to the savory so that's exactly what I am going to do today.  Although the first item I share today is not a dessert, Lindsey at Love and Olive Oil always inspires me and her Peach and Lavender Jam is no exception.  I have never cooked with lavender but have long considered doing so.  This jam looks delicious, and I can almost taste it as I imagine it on freshly baked whole wheat bread with melting butter.


I came across Vegangela this month and having returned from her travels, she shares Raw Pad Thai that takes the scare-factor out of raw food.  I have not embraced raw to the extent that many have, but along side my zucchini salad, I am getting there!  If its actual pasta you're looking for, check out this rustic crumb pasta dish that screams decadence and simplicity.  The Tolerant Vegan is also breaking out of the "pasta with sauce" mold with Asparagus Linguine with Almond Crisp.  Almond is not my favorite nut but cashews or peanuts would also give you texture and crunch to this dish.


stuffed zucchiniI have an odd childhood memory of stuffed zucchini.  I think this was a dish we ate, rather something I saw in a magazine or cookbook and have never made myself.  Emily over at the Daily Garnish took me back to my childhood with these Quinoa Stuffed Squash Boats.  I can see myself serving these following My Darling Lemon Thyme's Chickpea and Leek Soup (which reminds me of my hummus soup) for an elegant summer dinner.


When it comes to salad, I am always in need of some inspiration.  Lettuce is not my best friend, but we're working on that relationship while I explore other flavors.  Savory Simple's Orzo Caprese Salad looks like summer in a bowl, but personally I have to stay away from agave.  Food my Friend has shared a Minted Tabouli that would be great for using some of the mint that is growing uncontrollably in our garden!  Honest Fare is also wetting my appetite a Bean & Farro Salad as well as a delightful Chipotle Guacamole with Grilled Tortilla Chips that has me running to the store to stock up on avocados.


chickpea wrapsHaving dined on fish tacos earlier in the week, it seems that I am not the only one turning to wraps at this time of year.  Not only do these Spicy Pinto Bean and Chard Burritos from Kalyn's Kitchen look delicious, you can prep them in the slow cooker to keep the kitchen cool, and plan ahead of time.  Oh She Glows claims to be the laziest lunch maker, but she's one step of me, always skipping lunch or turning to leftovers.  I'd be delighted to lunch on these Chickpea Salad Wraps!


In an effort to eat more protein without eating more meat, we've gone through many a dozen eggs in our home this month but there is a limit to how much variety I can come up with for the same ingredient.  Kitchen Tested to the rescue with Eggs in Chili Clouds which are certainly going on the menu for next week!  Finally, my great-grandmother also liked to end her meals with a sweet – so I will close with Roasted Blueberry Ricotta Crostini from the talented Two Peas and their Pod.


Enjoy the Olympics and enjoy these meatless meals as the temperatures continue to rise!


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