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Published On 31 July, 2012 | Food for thought, Giveaway, Kosher

When I purchased a bottle of Domaine du Castel Grand Vin (2004) in 2007, I knew I would keep this bottle safe for a special occasion.  Described as being among Israel’s best boutique wineries producing approximately 100,000 bottles in 2008, Castel lives up to it’s reputation.  About a year later when my wife and I celebrated our engagement, this was the bottle we celebrated on.  Life is filled with celebrations, commiserations, dinners and vacations that are all best accompanied by fine wine, and JWines is standing by to provide the very best, and the most affordable kosher wine online for every occasion.

My education in fine wine began when I moved to Israel and was privileged to become friends and roommates with foodies and winos that also appreciated the finer things in life.  As we all grew in our careers and financial stability the bottles of Gato Negro were replaced with bottles from Dalton and eventually boutique bottles from Ella Valley made a frequent appearance at dinner tables alongside the occasional Rimon Port.

Buying Kosher Wine Online With a Wine Club

The kosher wine scene in the US is not quite the same as it is in Israel, but buying kosher wine online is growing in popularity. Joining a wine club is an awesome way to expand your horizon of wines. For a while I was a member of a club based in Northern California but the winery was small and the section became repetitive after a short while.

The three wine clubs offered by JWines make it possible for anyone on almost any budget to partake and discover Israeli Wines, International Wines, or the higher end Connoisseur Selection.  I have been a member of the Israeli Kosher Wine Club for a number of months and have always been pleased. I also find that a wine club is an awesome way to stockpile good wines to open up for the Seder night when Pesach (Passover) arrives – spreading the expense of good wine across the year.

Thanks to JWines, I am giving away a $50 gift certificate that you can use to sample tastes of boutique kosher wines from around the world. Entering this giveaway is simple using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Please see the terms and conditions of this sweepstake for age and geographical limitations. This giveaway has now ended, congratulations to Elyse B. on winning the gift certificate. You can still experience some of the best kosher wines by ordering online from

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