Onion Soup

Published On 7 December, 2011 | Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Soup, Vegan, Vegetarian

The Godmother of my firstborn is a wonderful young lady.  She fed us when hungry, given us a bed to sleep in when plans changed and we had no place to go, celebrated during the good, offered moral support during the rough, discovered the death of our pet hamster, helped raise our dog and helped deliver our son.  What more could you ask for than a friend like this?  Well, I can answer that.  She makes the best Onion Soup you have ever tasted.  I have been saving this dish for a special occasion because the friend that inspired this soup is very special to us.  The week that I am nominated for a Kosher Blog Award (If you haven’t done so, you can vote for This American Bite at http://bit.ly/voteTAB) seems fitting for a celebratory dish!

Nomination aside, this was the week of first snow – a slight dusting but drivers seemed petrified of the roads.  We’re still trying to figure out how to regulate the temperature of our house.  We’ve found the setting for “too cold” and “too hot” but we’re yet to find “just right”.  I find the best solution for a cold house is hot soup from a warm kitchen.  Onion Soup is our “just right”, enjoyed by the fire and followed by a mug of hot cocoa.

I may have adapted this recipe a little, forgive me if I have changed it from the original, I write from memory today.  For Weightwatchers, this has a PointsPlus Value of 3 points per serving.

Onion Soup Recipe

You’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Five or Six large onions
  • Two Sweet Potatoes
  • Three Cloves of Garlic
  • One Tablespoon of Marmite (if you’re wondering what this is, see the comments below)
  • Olive Oil
  • Water

Dice your garlic and onions evenly.  Add a splash of olive oil to your pot.  Add onions.  Dice the sweet potatoes evenly.  Add to pot.  Add enough water to cover the vegetables.  Make sure they are fully submerged, but do not add more than 1/8 inch more water than that.  Stir in the Marmite.  Bring to the boil and then simmer for 40 minutes or so.

Once the soup is cooked, pour half to two-thirds into a bowl and go to town with an immersion blender.  Blend it up nicely, then combine with the “chunky” soup so you have a wonderful texture going on when you eat.  Add Salt to taste.

This is another dish that will freeze very very well.  It’s a good, dependable dish, something you rely on during those cold winter nights when you don’t want cook.  Reliable and there for you – just like our son’s Godmother.  (Does that make her my Godwife or something?)



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