Dancing Deer Brownie Giveaway

Published On 11 December, 2011 | Food for thought, Giveaway

My Wife is a wonderful baker.  I like the freedom to explore and create in the kitchen, and when I venture into uncharted baking-territory I create a culinary disaster rather than a masterpiece.  You don’t need to follow a recipe to cook, you do need to follow a recipe to bake, and I don’t like to be told what to do in the kitchen!  If my wife isn’t baking and I am in the mood for cake, brownies or cookies, there is only one brand that will truley satisfy my craving, and that is the Dancing Deer Baking Company!  The nice people at Dancing Deer have kindly allowed me to share their delectable baked goods with you this winter, so when you’re watching the snow fall and clutching your hot cocoa, you can nibble on a brownie from this wonderful Signature Brownie & Cookie Holiday Gift Medley, and all you need to do to win, is share some Facebook Love! To enter the contest, keep reading:

There are six different ways to enter this contest. All I ask is that you like This American Bite on Facebook and share news of this giveaway with your friends in order to enter. For each Tweet, Like or Comment above the entry requirements, you will receive another chance to take this gift home, or send it to a friend before the month is out!

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