How to make a gin and tonic

How to make the Best Gin and Tonic.

Published On 17 February, 2014 | Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Kosher Connection, Vegan

There’s a beauty about the Pacific Northwest that lends itself to it’s food.  The climate brings out the best in the produce, the ocean offers fresh fish and the people are as friendly as they are in the Mid-West.  It’s a great place for food! Seattle inspired my Garlic Stuffed Figs, and today, California inspires the best gin and tonic I have ever had.

This all started when my buddy Chris spent the weekend in Kansas last summer.  He arrived with gifts that highlighted some of Sonoma County’s best local products, including a first batch bottle of Spirit Works gin. I’ve never enjoyed a gin as much as I have this one so when I went out to California last October, this time-lapse recipe wasn’t our only culinary adventure.  I was eager to see where the gin came from and see the distillery for myself.

Spirit Works Distillery is in the heart of Sebastopol, California, a town which is a mecca of microbreweries, wineries and distilleries. Even though kosher food was scarce, the option to tastes coffee, beer & spirits, all made with local flare and local pride, was plentiful and I think this is the reason Spirit Works are making the best gin I have ever tasted.  They are incredibly proud of their products.

If you find yourself in Northern California, make a point to stop into the Spirit Works distillery, take a tour and taste their gin, slow gin and vodka.  Then buy a bottle or two of their gin and make the best gin and tonic of your life.

Spirit Works Distillery, Vodka, Gin and SloeGin

How to make a gin and tonic

For the best gin and tonic, you want the very best ingredients you can find.  You could buy the cheap tonic or unbranded gin, but you’ll enjoy this drink a lot more with the best ingredients.

Fill a high-ball with ice. Add the gin and then the tonic water. Squeeze a teaspoon of lime juice into the highball, stir slowly and garnish with a lemon. If you don’t have a lime, you could use a dash of bitters.

Stir and garnish with the lime wedge or twist. Enjoy.

This is not a sponsored post, that means I did not get any payment or product for writing this. I am genuinely impressed by this gin!  Now join the Kosher Connection and see what other cocktails my food friends have shared for this month’s link up.

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