Marmite: Lover or Hater?

Published On 11 June, 2012 | Food for thought

The British and South African’s have a love-hate relationship with Marmite.  Marmite is a yeast based spread rich in vitamin B12 that was the PBJ to my sandwich when I was growing up in England.  Fast forward a couple of decades and it is a joy that our 2 year old enjoys marmite on his toast!

Marmite may not be popular in the US but it is a staple in my kitchen. You can buy it on Amazon and if you observe the laws of kosher, you are going to want to buy the South African Marmite  as the British one is not known to be kosher.

Jamie at Joy of Kosher reached out to me for a guest post using marmite as an ingredient and although this might seem like a challenge, I often turn to marmite if I want to create a beefy flavor in a stock or soup.  My chicken soup, onion soup and many stews are completed with a teaspoon of this black gold, dissolved in a glass of warm water.  You see, marmite is not just great on freshly buttered, warm toast, it has a flavor profile that is excellent in stocks, and salty dishes alike.

The dish I share with you today, Chicken All Spice, is neither a soup nor a chilli, but shared with you to demonstrate how you can use this ingredient in everyday cooking.  Every marmite hater that has eaten in my home has enjoyed the dishes that include this secret ingredient – it’s not harsh or salty, it’s simply savory and delicious!

This is a spicy dish which can be refreshing in the hot summer months, served cold alongside fresh greens and pitta bread or cibatta rolls at a “pot luck ” or picnic.  I dare — get your hands on some marmite and cook something innovative today!

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