Thanksgiving 2012

Published On 22 November, 2012 | Food for thought

Note: I did hesitate before posting this message, my previous post explains why.  If you didn’t read my thoughts from earlier in the week, I encourage you to do so.

November 2008 was the first time I sat down at a Thanksgiving table in the US.  My wife and I were newlyweds and were in Southern California to spend Thanksgiving with the family.  The turkey was cooked to perfection and my my new wife posed proudly with Dad to capture this moment.  With the food ready, the table set and the scotch poured, the celebration was well under way.  We shared our reasons to be thankful while we dined.

New members of the family have married-in or been born since my first American Thanksgiving experience.  The house has grown fuller year on year.  Four years ago I was the newbie at the table, everything was shiny and new.  This year our daughter and her cousin join our son as the next generation to sit around the table.

Since 2008, my wife and I have lived in two countries, visited three more, and lived in six houses.  We now have two beautiful children who give us more joy than I could ever have imagined.  We love each other, we love our kids and our home; I love my job.  There’s a lot to be thankful for.  This year Thanksgiving feels a little different as traditions and rituals that were around long before I became a part of this family now feel like they are my own.

I don’t cook for Thanksgiving, so I’m not sharing a recipe with you.  Just food for thought.  Just a wish of a safe and happy Thanksgiving.  I want to say thank you for reading, commenting, liking and sharing since I started this culinary writing project fifteen months ago.  This American Bite has grown month-on-month since I began to share my kitchen with you.  I love doing it, and I look forward to continuing this adventure with you.

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