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What is This American Bite?

Published On 9 September, 2011 | Food for thought

Original Post – September 2011:

Not a day goes by without a kitchen artisan, a skilled home cook, or a wanna-chef thinking they will share their culinary wisdom with the world. Perhaps it’s the chef’s love of sharing, perhaps the dream of becoming a published author, or perhaps a way to catalog their kitchen escapades for future reference. For me, it’s a little of all of that.  I don’t propose to share innovative technique or profile flavor combination.  I plan to share those every-day meals, that I find oh-so-simple to create, while others find themselves wondering where I trained.

The truth is, I trained at home. Raised by a wonderfully dedicated single-mom (or mum, we were in England back then) who knew that one day her child would flee the nest and have to cook for himself.  Our door was always open, guests always welcome, and often showing up for two or three helpings of the best budget-conscious dining you could imagine.  My mother, when complimented on my cooking skills, will often tell the story of me being able to prepare a three course meal by the time I was eight years old.  While I doubt the age referenced, there is truth behind the statement – and one generation later, I know it’s my responsibility to make sure my little man knows his way around the kitchen by the time he leaves home in 2028.

In a respect, this project, is a testimony to that wonderfully dedicated single-mum that would sometimes go without food so that I could eat a baked potato for dinner.  It’s not always easy to express gratitude in person, but a home-cooked meal says it all.  This is my “home-cooked meal” to say thank you for all those years. This American Bite is my view on food, my view on the world.  Don’t expect weights or measures, don’t expect a science, but please, expect to eat well.

Update – April 2013:

Since writing this introduction to my food writing, I have evolved as a Kansas City based Kosher food blogger and love the road I have taken. With time, I have revised or reposted based on the skills and knowledge I have learned from my friends if the food blogging community.

My vision of a home filled with guests is coming true and our little man is now a big brother to our precious girl. I didn’t want to change this post from it’s original form but it deserved an updated because so much has changed. Thank you for reading, sharing and supporting me with each and every recipe.

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